VDL Apparatenbouw specialises in the optimising of the supply chain for Sub modules and finished products. Whether the product in question concerns a small or large quantity, VDL Apparatenbouw Has the goal to completely relieve you form the burdens of managing a supply chain.  Examples of burdens are untrustworthy suppliers, bottlenecks in the supply chain, quality issues and high prices.  

As assembly company for sub & finished modules VDL Apparatenbouw hold a unique position within VDL Groep. As a member of the strong VDL Groep VDL Apparatenbouw enjoys various advantages in the purchasing department. for instance our customers will get special purchasing prices for regular materials. the sourcing of special products is also possible, within VDL Groep as well as preferred suppliers.

Our suppliers are continually triggered by our strategic purchasing department to deliver us the best products with the best terms and conditions.

Suppliers at VDL Apparatenbouw also get graded each year on trustworthiness and performance. This makes it possible to keep the processes within VDL Apparatenbouw as LEAN as possible. Moreover the chance of residual stock and unnecessary storage costs is kept to a minimum.


VDL Apparatenbouw has a team of strategic purchasers available for all its customers. These employees are continually investigating the manufacturability and availability of the parts necessary to assemble our customers products.    

These purchasing employees use long term contracts with our suppliers, which often leads to a price advantage for our customers. Our purchasing department is also busy with the purchasing of bulk stock, this in turn will provide favourable conditions for our customers.

One of the most frequently asked questions at VDL Apparatenbouw is if we can work together with preferred suppliers.  VDL Apparatenbouw is of the mind-set  that working with preferred suppliers only works in favour of the product in question. Working with a preferred supplier often means that the supplier already has preventive knowledge which can prevent a long-term start-up/setup process.

VDL Apparatenbouw will always try to find improvement in the processes with suppliers and internally. In meetings with our supplier we will make clear that the strength through cooperation makes It possible to work as efficiently an qualitatively as possible, in order to help our customer.

As a part of VDL Groep our employees are always up-to-date of the latest production techniques. This way we can often advise our customers to look at new ways to develop parts for their products. We can also advise our customers to use other manufacturing techniques to source their products. Examples of these techniques would be injection moulding, vacuum forming, laser welding and impressing or 3D Printing and Milling.

Most of these manufacturing techniques are also available within the VDL Groep. However VDL Apparatenbouw also has a vast network of suppliers available which continually advise us on how we can use these new manufacturing techniques for the procurement of parts.

Should you have any further questions for us regarding the topic of supply chain management? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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