History VDL Apparatenbouw

VDL Apparatenbouw traces its roots back to the 1940 when mister Nijhuis founded a company named NSA which stance for Nijhuis Stamperij Aalst (in English: “Nijhuis Stamper Aalst”). Before he founded NSA mister Nijhuis held a managerial position at Phillips overseeing the production within the Philips machine factories. After founding the company he kept in close contact with his former employer and his well-founded contact and DAF. DAF at the time was a large Dutch car and truck manufacturer.  

In the beginning NSA only produced products of a smaller scale, examples were ashtrays and belt buckles. In 1958 NSA was taken over by the family of Benthem-Nijhuis. At this time companies started to use more technical methods in the production of plate steel. Thanks to the good contacts with Philips and DAF NSA received a lot of orders. In an early stage NSA opted to choose for a broad portfolio of machines. She was one of the frontrunners in the Dutch subcontracting industry that could offer a fully assembled product to its customers. Some notable examples of products that were produced by NSA consisted of: a large assortment of car radios, finisher modules for printing devices manufacturer OCE, monitor devices for the visual impaired and devices for the hearing impaired. NSA at this time was situated in 2 locations. NSA Metal Industry (Later this would become VDL NSA Metaal) which was located in Veldhoven since 1987 and NSA Apparatenbouw (Which would become VDL Apparatenbouw) in Aalst. In 1991 both companies became a member of the strong VDL Groep. Since 1996 VDL Apparatenbouw has been located in Eersel. It was only since July 1st 2015 that NSA Apparatenbouw became VDL Apparatenbouw.

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