Qualifications VDL Apparatenbouw

Even in the previous century working together, using standardised procedures and basing this on well-made agreements was important. It was in this period that the guidelines of how to manage and secure procedures, instructions, forms was put in to one manual. In doing so the foundation for the first certification was made. At the end of the 1980s VDL NSA Metaal achieved it’s ISO 9001 certification and was one of the first Dutch companies in doing so. The current description of the 9001 certification fits perfectly with the no-nonsense philosophy of VDL Apparatenbouw; say what you do, do what you say and have the proof to back it up.  This mind-set is still active within VDL Apparatenbouw today.

At the end of the 1990s VDL Apparatenbouw obtained its ISO 14001 Certification. This Certification is aimed at the lowering of the negative environmental footprint.


When it comes to the environment, VDL Groep emphasises on sustainability and green production. The implementation of energy-saving and waste-management plans in combination with the recycling of raw materials plays key role in the business model of VDL Groep. Moreover as a family owned company VDL Groep by nature feels a strong responsibility to be heavily involved in the life and work environment of its employees. It goes without saying that VDL Apparatenbouw wants to participate in the development of sustainability in the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

VDL Groep sees CSR as an integral part of its total entrepreneurial strategy. Meaning that all aspects of CSR are taken into account in the decision making process for managerial, process-based and technical affairs. In our vision on CSR we differentiate three key areas: employees, products & production processes and Society.     

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ISO  9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015 
ISO 13485:2016