Company Profile VDL Apparatenbouw

VDL Apparatenbouw owes its strong reputation to its divers  and flexible applications. We can act as main supplier for simple and complex products. VDL Apparatenbouw takes care of the entire process from development and prototyping  to purchasing, production, testing, packaging and shipping. Using a vast and cohesive network containing divers partners VDL Apparatenbouw can deliver and develop complete mechatronic systems on a high level. Every single one of our customers profits from the fact that we are part of the strong VDL Groep and that we use the knowledge gathered in the VDL Groep to our customers advantage. All this is done to improve the flexibility and speed with which VDL Apparatenbouw operates.

The true strength of VDL Apparatenbouw lies in the fact that we always think further ahead than our competitors. We research our customers questions extensively and are not afraid to go into the small details. Are the materials and manufacturing techniques sufficient? How can deliver said materials with the desired delivery performance? At what prices? Can we optimise the mechanical and electronical parts even further? How should we develop the assembly procces to save costs for our customers? In many of these cases we co-develop a prototype series with our customers. This assures our customers that we manufacture their products in the most economically possible way.