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In the area of Supply Chain Management VDL Apparatenbouw tries to remain on top of its game and tries to act in the most LEAN possible way. This working method results in cost savings on our customers stock while simultaneously optimising delivery times. This makes it possible for you to offer your customers short delivery times. 

Our engineers are experienced product specialist and they are always informed about the most recent technological developments in the market. This insures that VDL Apparatenbouw can advise you on the best way to produce and manufacture your products. Often this leads to a cheaper manufacturing price without having a negative effect on the quality standard. We call this Value engineering at VDL Apparatenbouw and this process goes hand in hand with creating more added value for our customers. Last but not least we can secure your desired quality level by continuously testing and challenging our suppliers.

The core business of VDL is the assembly and sourcing of products. We setup and oversee the assembly process of your products in a professional manner so that you do not have to worry. We can setup this process on a module basis as well as a final product basis. Our products vary in size and complexity form industrial air cleaner which our the size of a shipping container to electrical charging stations for electric cars to an automatic pharmaceutical dispenser.

At VDL Apparatenbouw our employees are the most important factor in separating us from our competition. Our employees are well guided and well trained. The maintaining of knowledge and employee participation within our organization is therefore highly emphasized on at VDL Apparatenbouw.

Above all VDL Apparatenbouw is a specialist company in the creation of a good cooperation between us and our customers.
It is through the establishing of this cooperation we can create success easier and better together instead of doing it alone.

TEAMWORK coming together is a beginning, keeping togehter is progress, working together is succes.


Doing everything yourself is summing up, working together is multiplying.

Alone you work faster. when working together you get farther.