Consumer Electronics

No market is as innovative and develops as fast as the consumer electronics market. VDL Apparatenbouw has worked with many companies to put the best products on the market. Reputable companies find their way to VDL Apparatenbouw to outsource the assembly of their products under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) conditions.

VDL Apparatenbouw is designed to assemble the most complex mechatronic modules. Some of these concern assemblies for the consumer electronics market. For example, VDL Apparatenbouw has assembled electrostatic speakers, which find their way to the consumer via OEM customers.

Furthermore, VDL Apparatenbouw has experience in the field of charging stations for electric cars and innovative showers (also called E-Showers.) Due to the versatility and years of experience in assembly these products, VDL Apparatenbouw is a good partner when it comes to development, cost reduction and process optimization.